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National Parks and sanctuaries are places that help preserve rare and endangered species of animals and plants. They are protected and safe environments so that animals can live in their natural habitats while being monitored and supervised. They provide a

Rome is known for being rich in historical monuments that dates back over 2, 00 years ago like the famous Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Pantheon. It is also popularly known for its magnificent sightseeing spots, majestic basilicas and

Swimming with the Seals

Getting out and enjoying the local scenery is one of those things that many of us talk about but never really get to do. But when you have access to a beautiful coastline with great views, it is something to

What exactly is a culture? Frequently it is something we don’t put much consideration into — the practices or habitual behaviors we take part in without thinking differently about them. Think about when you meet somebody for the first time.

Hostels are becoming more and more popular throughout many parts of Thailand, especially Bangkok. Bangkok is a massive city that has many different neighborhoods, and you have to choose your accommodation very quickly. Depending on where you stay in Bangkok,