Eight Luxury Gifts For The Outdoorsy Types

If you know someone who is seldom as happy as when they are in the middle of the woods or as excited as when they’re scaling a mountain, then you have an outdoorsy type on your hands. This means that, when it comes to gifts, there are a wide range of options that are likely to bring them a great deal of joy, supporting their passion for nature.

Today, we’re sharing eight of the best and most luxurious gifts for those that love the outdoors.

Coffee Machine

The idea of making coffee from bean to cup in the wild might seem absurd but there are now a number of options available to create great-tasting coffee no matter where in nature you might find yourself. While there is no shortage of options, from the Aeropress to a French press, there are now a number of portable espresso machines that will also grind beans.


Much like coffee machines, hand-warming accessories have seen leaps in technology. Now, there are a number of rechargeable devices, many of which can instantly revitalise your digits on a cold day, as well as a number of decadent designs that are lightweight, discreet, and enviably elegant.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags were once known to be cumbersome, heavy, and difficult to compact. Now, however, there are a variety of high-quality options that are not only feather-light but also ensure warmth and comfort in even harsh conditions.

Waterproof Backpack

Anyone who spends time outdoors will know the efforts that must be made to avoid seeing the rain ruin an adventure. Now, there’s an easy and stylish way to ensure that personal belongings and essential gear are kept dry and safe, even during a downpour.

Insulated Flask

From the traditional British Thermos to the refined Japanese Kinto tumbler, there is variety and quality across the catalogue of insulated flasks. Those who are outdoors often will do well to keep with them a warm drink on a cold day, and a cooling drink on a warm day too. This is why a well-designed insulated flask remains an ideal gift for any nature lover.

Inflatable Paddle Board

Paddleboarding has grown substantially in popularity, with every river, lake, and ocean being scrutinised as a potential landscape for exploration. For casual explorers, however, carrying a full-sized and solid paddle board simply isn’t an option, which is why an inflatable alternative is ideal.


While this might seem like a practical gift over a luxurious one, those who have ever been outdoors in the dark, especially when setting up a tent, will know how valuable a headlamp is. There are now options for lightweight designs with recharging capability too!

Smart Watch

Whether it is used for tracking steps, listening to music, monitoring GPS location, or contacting others, smartwatches have quickly become a valuable asset to nature lovers, enhancing their experience and safety when outdoors. Different models can also be suitable for different environments, so be sure to choose a waterproof design if your friend enjoys the occasional swim!