Five Fantastic Historic Sites to Explore In New York City Walking Tour

New York City is among the most interesting and rich historic walking towns in the world. The city is designed in a way that its streets are easy to explore and ready to help locals whenever one gets lost, has questions, needs directions, or advice. Many people however prefer to tour the town in an organized manner using walking tour guides to learn about the city’s history deeply. The iconic buildings, residents, and neighbourhoods all have a history that one should learn as one visits the areas. Professionally guided walking tours help the tourists learn the enriched history and enjoy the exciting parts of the tour.

People have specific sceneries in the city that they consider fascinating to look at and know about. Landmarks, food, art, and architecture are some of the most captivating things since they have existing tales about their past. Capturing everything may however be very difficult since there is a lot to learn about each feature. Below are some of the people’s best preferred and favorite historical features in a walking tour in New York City.

  • Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tour

The New American residents in New York City are immigrants whose story is believed to have begun on Ellis Island. The Ellis Island tour begins with a boat ride in the harbour with the first step at Liberty Island. Liberty Island is the home of the famous Statue of Liberty which was made to symbolize the welcoming of millions of immigrants to New York City. The tour then proceeds to Ellis Island in which a historical building stands. This is the point where most immigrants resided before they immigrated to the United States.

  • Walking tour of the Lower East Side of New York

The Lower East Side was occupied next by immigrants who moved from Ellis Island. The area is toured on foot and has  Manhattan’s largest melting pots. The area has Jewish, Chinese, Italian, and Irish settlers. The first stop of this tour is the City Hall and ends at Chinatown and Little Italy. Some of the historic features here include synagogues, Essex Street market, and a century-old bakery. One highlight of this tour is the available snack varieties made by people from various cultures.

  • 9/11 Memorial Tour and Wall Street

Manhattan was the initial name of the Financial District found in New York’s downtown and is known specifically for its comprehensive historic tour. The tour begins at the famous Wall Street. The wall is a landmark and is the original settlement marking the northern extremity. Other landmarks in the area include the federal Hall. Finally, the tour ends with the 9/11 Memorial which is the home of two pools of footprints of the World Trade Centre Twin Towers. Wall Street is a location best known because it houses the New York Stock Exchange and the American financial sector.

  • Rockefeller Centre Tour

The Rockefeller Center is a historic site that is used for Christmas tree lighting and ice-skating rink activities. The tour involves exploring the Art Deco buildings up to the Radio City Music Hall and has exhibits of sculptures, art, and murals. This tour is loved by most architecture and art enthusiasts.

  • Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum Tour

The intrepid air, sea, and space Museum is a historic scene serving as a floating landmark. The Museum displays on its four decks a submarine, space shuttle, a hands-on flight simulator, and a spy plane.


The New York City walking tour is one full of exciting and educational experiences. The walking tours involve exploration of the city’s dynamic history enriched with a variety of cultures and a fantastic adventure. Most of the historic sites have numerous tales with stories and secrets. The walking tour makes you appreciate the unique treasures and iconic marvels that make up the city’s history and people’s culture and their contribution to modern civilization.