Here are the guidelines to follow on your next trip to Goa

Covid-19 has brought a huge change in our life. We have been locked in our houses for months now. Travelling was completely restricted. But now, the government is lifting the restriction slowly. Buses, trains, cabs are now available for us. But social distancing and safety guidelines are maintained everywhere.

Goa has been one of the best attractions for tourists. The sand beaches, deep blue sea water, untouched nature rejuvenates our body and soul. All the lavish hotels, resorts, mingle perfectly with breathtaking scenic beauty and make Goa a perfect holiday destination.

After locked in our homes for such a long time, everyone wants to go on an amazing trip and no other place can beat Goa in this matter.

If you are availing of Delhi to Goa flights or booking a Mumbai to Goa flight, you have to follow all the post-COVID guidelines strictly. Some of the guidelines are stated below;

  • All the passengers have to show their COVID negative certificate before entering the airport.
  • If you do not have the certificate, you can take the test at the airport and stay in quarantine for 14 days till the report comes.
  • If someone on the flight is found positive, all other flight passengers will be sent to quarantine for 14 days.
  • Wear all safety gear and maintain safe distancing while traveling to Goa.
  • There are some selected hotels in Goa where you can stay. All these hotels maintain top-class hygiene and follow all safety guidelines.
  • If you want to stay in the hotels, you have to pre-book your rooms.
  • You can only book in the selected approved hotels for your stay. All other hotels are not available for tourists.
  • You can visit Goa via flights, trains, or roads. Your train must stop in the selected few stations.
  • You will go through thermal screening at all the entry points of Goa

These are some of the safety measures that will let you have a safe and enjoyable trip to Goa.

Now, the Government has given some relaxation of the safety guidelines. For example, if you are a domestic traveler, you do not need to show a COVID negative certificate or take the test on arrival. Only for international travelers, thermal screening and Antigen tests are mandatory.

Because of all these safety guidelines, there has been a significant rise in the price of Goa flight tickets. According to safety measurements, each flight has to leave the middle seat vacant in every row. As a result, each flight can carry fewer passengers. Still, air tickets from Delhi to Goa are affordable.

Hotels in Goa

There are 650 hotels in Goa that have applied for reopening. Hotels with the best sanitation and hygiene have been granted permission to restart their business. All these hotels offer you top-class services for a fair charge. You can enjoy the amazing beach view from your hotels. All these exotic hotels and resorts will make your Goa trip more memorable and comfortable.