Top-9 Destinations in Bulgaria in 2022

If your knowledge about Bulgaria is limited by the fact that they have the best quidditch team in the world with Victor Krum as their leading seeker, perhaps, you need to stop watching Harry Potter and go to this country immediately. Luckily, you can travel to Bulgaria any time during the year. This country has everything you need for a great vacation.

Exclusive Offers from Bulgaria

If you are still in doubt whether you want to visit Bulgaria or another country, read this quick list of services that the country offers. It might be helpful to find more about the beautiful destination with affordable prices. Explore the main perks of Bulgaria:

  • It is a European country, which means you receive high-level services there;
  • Bulgaria is one of the most affordable countries in the EU, which implies you get these services almost for free;
  • Bulgaria has multiple ski resorts for winter holidays on well-known mountain ranges Pirin, Balkan, Rhodope, and the Rila;
  • This country has multiple beaches on the Black Sea for summer holidays;
  • Bulgaria has a rich history to explore for all-year visits. There are ancient Roman monuments and buildings from Ottoman Empire;
  • Bulgaria provides the fans of food tours with incredibly tasty cuisine.

9 Iconic Places to See in Bulgaria

Think about what you are looking for before you decide which city or area to visit. Bulgaria is not a small country, and it is possible that detailed exploration of the whole territory will take years. Focus on one place and enjoy your rest.

1.   Burgas

Burgas is a seaside town which you can visit during your spring or summer holidays. Its resorts are open from the middle of April to the middle of October. The beaches there are clean and well-organized. You will find developed infrastructure inside the town.

2.   Koprivshtitsa

This is a small town with multiple folk festivals and national cuisine. It still keeps traditional architecture which is worth looking for if you want to explore the culture of the country. In total, there are 350 monuments and places that reveal the history of Bulgaria and the town. Koprivshtitsa is a perfect destination for everyone who loves mountains.

3.   Sozopol

Sozopol is the oldest town in Bulgaria. It is also a popular seaside place. The town was built by Greeks in 610 BC, and you can find ancient remains there till this day. Most tourists go to Sozopol for clean sandy beaches and the Black Sea. It is a perfect place for youth since it has multiple nightlife options.

4. Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is located in the center of Bulgaria. Once it was the residence of tsars — monarchs who chose this place for living and spending vacations. The city is built on hills, making it a perfect shelter for everyone. It has cobblestone streets inside, traditional Bulgarian homes, and old churches. It is famous for Tsarevets Fortress with stone walls of 3000 ft.

5. Bansko

Bansko is almost overcrowded each winter. It is a perfect place for skiing. No matter whether you are an experienced skier or just a newcomer, you will find the activity that suits you. The town is situated at the foot of the Pirin Mountains and close to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Resorts in Bansko usually compete with ones in Switzerland and France. If you miss the opportunity to come there in winter, you can visit the annual Bansko Jazz Festival in August.

6. Varna

This is the 3rd biggest city in Bulgaria. Varna is located at the seaside. Apart from that, it has the largest Roman Baths in the country. There are three most popular central beaches in the city, and main activities usually happen with festivals and nightlife. Many locals speak English and are usually happy to help tourists.

7. Nesebar

Nesebar is partly located on the island. The city is famous for its ancient ruins and golden sands beaches. The island is connected with the mainland, so you can always walk there and explore both parts. The most popular beach of Nesebar is called Sunny Beach.

8. Plovdiv

Plovdiv has a rich but incredibly sad history since it is one of the most occupied cities in the whole of Europe. Due to the periods of occupation throughout its history, Plovdiv has well-preserved ancient monuments. There is a Roman Amphitheater in the center of the city and the Ruins of Eumolpias. It is famous for its unique traditional food and tasty wine. If you want to try the best Bulgarian wine, you have to go there.

9. Sofia

Sofia is the capital of the country with multiple cultural attractions and can be visited at any season. You can also take some time to go shopping there since the local stores offer affordable prices.

Your Next Destination

Read the list of the most popular places to visit in Bulgaria and decide which one you want to go to. Some of them are located close to each other and have a reliable public transportation system. Make Bulgaria your new discovery in 2022.